Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sheikh Bilal's Contributions

Assalamu alikum,

May Allah Reward for trying your best to help Brother Huseyincan Celil. I just have two suggestions:

First, in your flyers and website you mention that China has an evilrecord of abuse, tortures, oppression and genocide. However, you dontmention the same for Uzbekistan. Usbekistan has a horrifiying historyof inhumane tortures and massacres especially under the current IslamKarimov's regime. In April, 2005 there was the massacre of Andijan ofhundreds of peaceful protestors. Muslims and ideas of Islam arecompletely supressed. Many are arrested without a crime, and aretortured and killed in prison. I have seen many pictures on theinternet of those BOILED alive. My point is that our Br. Huseyincan isin as much trouble in Uzbekistan as he is in China. Therefore thereshould be more pressure on the Canadian government to retrieve himimmediately.

Second, I noticed MP David Christopherson has a website, so in my emailto him, I requested that he post actions taken on his website. I couldnt find websites for Wayne Marston or Chris Charlton so Irequested that they send any updates of action taken My suggestion is that you should pressure them todo the same, and InshAllah they will act faster.



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